this feed is available for collection at Horselands Kumeu Grain and Drury, not Hamilton.

Asian Mix is formulated to meet the demand for a high protein high energy feed. It is often used as a pre-auction overall conditioning mix for yearlings. It is also used for putting condition on horses where lower protein/energy feeds are not achieving the desired weight gain especially during adverse weather conditions. Suitable for All horses requiring additional conditioning Features and Benefits - High protein content for growing horses - High fat/oil content for increased conditioning without additional heating - High fat/oil content for glossy coats - Contains a full vitamin and trace mineral premix Typical Analysis Based on a dry matter basis Energy 14.7MJ/kg Crude Protein 16.79% Fat / Oil 5.81% Crude Fibre 5.63% Salt 1.23% Ingredients selected from Crushed Barley, Kibbled Maize, Crushed Oats, Soya Meal, Zeolite, Lime, Soya/Canola Oil blend, Salt, Molasses, Vitamins and Trace Minerals, mould inhibitor Feed Recommendations Light Work/Maintenance 2.0kg/day Moderate Work 3.0kg/day Hard Work/Conditioning 4.0kg/day Asian Mix should be fed with roughage such as hay, chaff or grass. For best results feed twice per day instead of one big single feed. Note that Asian Mix contains are full vitamin mineral premix and does not require the addition of further vitamin/mineral supplements unless recommended by a veterinarian. Warning - the high copper levels associated with the Horse Premix make this feed unsuitable for feeding to sheep.

Takanini Asian Conditioning Mix 25 kg

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