15% Protein, Vitamin and Mineral pellet for Growing, Breeding, Spelling and Performance horses in high quality pasture conditions. EasiFeed 150 Pellets™ are highly palatable, concentrated pellets containing lupins blended with cereals, balanced minerals, trace-minerals and vitamins. Ideal for supplementing protein, vitamins and minerals in high quality pasture conditions. Can be used as a straight supplement for horses that require nutritional balance but not the extra calories. Add into your own feed ration to meet specific needs for protein, vitamin and minerals. The perfect addition to top up the protein, vitamin and mineral content of premixed feeds that are being fed below the daily feeding rates. When fed to breeding and growing and horses the risk of nutritionally induced bone, joint and limb abnormalities are minimised. Nutrient Analysis (as fed) Digestible Energy 11.7 MJ/kg Crude Protein 14.0 % Crude Fat 3.6 % Crude Fibre 7.0 % Calcium 3.7 % Phosphorus 2.0 % Max Added Salt 1.2 % Feeding Directions Pryde’s EasiFeed 150 Pellets™ are formulated as a concentrate to be mixed into a feed based on oats, lucerne chaff or other energy and protein sources to meet the specific needs relative to available pasture and supplementary hay. For the best results with Pryde's EasiFeed 150 Pellet™: Introduce progressively over 5-7 days Do not add extra minerals and vitamins, unless full rate is reduced Feed approximately 0.4-0.5 kg chaff per 100 kg body weight, with oats or other energy source to maintain growth, body condition and productive needs Feeding Rates For horses maturing to, or weighing 450-550 kg body weight: Dry Mares 0.5 kg daily Dry Mares - 4-6 weeks before mating 0.75-1.0 kg daily Relative to pasture conditions and body condition score Pregnant Mares - first 8 months 0.5 kg daily, plus 50 g salt Pregnant Mares - Last 3 months before foaling 1.0 kg daily, plus 50 g salt Lactating Mares 1.0 kg daily, plus 90 g salt Weanlings 6-12 months 1.0 kg daily, plus 40 g salt Yearlings 12-18 months 1.0 kg daily, plus 50 g salt Stallions - breeding season 1.0 kg daily, plus 50 g salt Spelling horses 0.5 kg daily, plus 40 g salt Racehorses - early training 1.0 kg daily, plus 60 g salt Ingredients Wheat Barley Lupins Millmix Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate (DCP) Microfined Limestone Dried Molasses Magnesium Oxide Canola Oil Pryde's Trace-mineral and Vitamin Premix for growing and breeding horses Nutrients Supplied By EasiFeed 150 Pellet™ Pryde's has formulated EasiFeed 150 Pellet™ to provide a balanced nutrient intake based on the knowledge of the specific needs of horses and the nutrient content of common feeds. Formulations are updated regularly as new research findings become available. Pryde's EasiFeed 150 Pellet™ provides the following nutrients: Major Nutrients and Minerals Digestible Energy 11.7 MJ/kg Crude Protein 14.0 % Lysine 0.5 % Methionine 1.6 g/kg Calcium 3.7 % Phosphorous 2.0 % Magnesium 1.0 % Sodium 0.5 % Potassium 0.6 % Chloride 0.6 % Trace Minerals Zinc 690 mg/kg Manganese 531 mg/kg Copper 254 mg/kg Iron 495 mg/kg Cobalt 1.75 mg/kg Iodine 3.6 mg/kg Selenium 3.5 mg/kg Vitamins Vitamin A 51,454 iu/kg Vitamin D 7,000 iu/kg Vitamin E 512 iu/kg Thiamine 22 mg/kg Riboflavin 18 mg/kg Niacin 118 mg/kg Pantothenic Acid 13 mg/kg Pyridoxine 4.5 mg/kg Folic Acid 8.7 mg/kg Choline 1,420 mg/kg Biotin 0.6 mg/kg

Prydes Easi Feed 150 Pellet 20 kg

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