NRM Peck ‘n’ Lay is a balanced feed specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of all backyard hens. Quality ingredients provide the rich, golden yolks that family and friends enjoy.

Feeding recommendation: Suitable for all breeds of laying hens from 16 weeks of age. Feed NRM Peck ‘n’ Lay ad lib – approximately 130g (1 cup or a good handful) per hen. If appropriate allow 10cm trough length per hen.

Always ensure there is at least 3 litres of fresh water available each day for every 10 layers. For best results, provide ad-lib access to oyster shell grit to ensure good shell quality.

Housing: Housing should be warm, dry and free of draughts. Don’t mix young and old hens. Replace the whole flock together. For best results buy April hatched pullets which come into lay in September and lay right through to the following November.

Typical Analysis (Approximate on an ‘as fed basis’): Moisture: 12% Crude Protein: 16.50% Calcium: 4.20% Ingredients selected from: Grain and grain by-products, various plant proteins, food by products, minerals, vegetable oils, animal fats, enzymes, amino acids, oregano essential oils, vitamins and trace minerals, natural pigments, salmonella inhibitor, mould inhibitor.

NRM Peck n Lay

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