NRM Multifeed will provide improved condition and productivity in ruminant livestock where nutrient demands are high, (e.g. pregnancy, lactation, woolgrowth, liveweight gain). This versatile product will also assist in sustaining stock during periods of critical feed stress. Suitable For: All goats, sheep, deer or beef cattle Special Features and Benefits: • Increase target liveweight in hinds and stags • Improve condition of cattle prior to auction or show Analysis(approximate on a DM basis): Protein: 12.0% Fibre: 10% Fat: 5% Salt: 1.5% ME/kg DM: 11.2 MJ Ingredients: Wheat, barley, maize, wheat by-products, maize by-products, barley by-products, extracted soyabean meal, copra meal, peas, lucerne meal, rapeseed meal, molasses, limestone, sorghum, palm kernel meal, dicalcium phosphate, salt. Includes vitamins and minerals. Product Form: Nuts Product Size: 25kg bag Feed Recommendation: Always introduce Multifeed gradually. Pasture, or silage should be made available as Multifeed is not a complete diet. Fresh water should always be available. Sheep: Adults - up to 150g daily Deer: Fawns - up to 250g daily Adults - Up to 500g daily Cattle: Adults - up to 3kg daily Goats: Kids - up to 200g daily Adults - up to 350g daily

NRM Multifeed Nuts 20 kg

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