NRM Mare Balancer Nuts provide a concentrate source of vitamins and minerals to mares during their last trimester of pregnancy when demands by the unborn foal are at their greatest. Often mares hold sufficient condition but require access to necessary micro nutrient. By providing the broodmare with NRM Mare Balancer Nuts she is able to consume all the vitamins and minerals she requires to support the rapidly growing foal and provide for adequate stores of trace minerals in the foetal liver. Late pregnant mares grazing pasture need additional copper, zinc and selenium to meet needs and minimise the occurrence of Developmental Orthopaedic Disease (DOD) in the foal. The NRM Mare Balancer supplement comes in a large nut to enable it to be provided to the mares as they graze in pasture group situations. The nuts can simply be poured on to the grass. Suitable For: Pregnant mares in their last trimester of pregnancy Features and Benefits: • Concentrated source of vitamins and minerals providing adequate stores of trace minerals in the foetal liver • Large nut form - ideal for feeding to pasture groups Analysis(approximate on a DM basis): Crude Protein: 14.0% Crude Fibre: 8.5% Crude Fat: max 4.5% Salt: max 1.5% Calcium: 3% Phosphorus: 0.8% Copper: 350ppm Zinc: 880ppm Selenium: 4.5ppm Energy: 12MJ/kg Ingredients Selected From: Broll, wheat, lucerne meal, limestone, salt, molasses, Barley By-Products, Copra Meal, Dicalcium Phospahte, Dried Milk Products, Extracted Soyabean, Linseed Cake, Grassmeal, Methionine, Steam Flaked Barley, Steam Flaked Maize, Steam Flaked Oats, Wheats By- Products, Lysine, Soya Oil, KER premix containing essential vitamins and minerals, including trace elements copper, cobalt, zinc, iron, manganese, soya oil, selenium and apple flavour

NRM Mare Balancer Nuts 20 kg

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