Equine Balancer has been formulated in conjunction with Kentucky Equine Research to provide a scientifically formulated feed to balance the diets of horses. NRM Equine Balancer is a concentrated vitamin and mineral pellet and is suitable for horses that do not require the increased calorie intake provided by supplementary feed but still require necessary vitamin and mineral intake for optimum good health. Suitable for: • Spelling horses that receive required energy to maintain body condition from pasture but require vitamin and mineral supplementation to balance the pasture • ‘Good doers’ that even while in work do not require the calorie intake of a complete supplementary feed but require necessary vitamins and minerals for optimum performance • Young horses that need to restrict energy intake after suffering the effects from DOD • Diets where owners want to add their own grain Special Features and Benefits: • Palatable pellet that is simple to feed • Contains high quality protein with added amino acids • Full inclusion of minerals and vitamins including Fat Soluble and B Vitamins for optimum health • Contains Yea-Sacc live yeast culture to improve digestion Analysis(approximate on a DM basis): Crude Protein: 27% Crude Fibre: 4% Crude Fat: 4% Salt: 1.5% Calcium: 4.0% Phosphorus: 2.3% Copper: 440ppm Zinc: 550ppm Selenium: 2.9ppm Digestible Energy: 12.5MJ/kg Ingredients selected from: Wheat, wheat by-products, barley, soyabean meal, milk powders, copra meal, maize, peas, molasses, lysine, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, salt, Yeassac, KER Vitamin & Mineral premix.

NRM Equine Balancer 20 kg

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