NRM Assett is a well balanced, palatable, highly nutritious feed intended for yearlings. It is designed to achieve optimum growth rates and top condition in young horses for ongoing peak performance. Suitable For: Young horses from 7 months old Special Features and Benefits: • Steam flaked - highly digestible Grains • Highly palatable with molasses • Balanced with vitamins and minerals • Achieves optimum growth rates and top condition as yearlings. • Correct calcium:phosphorous ratio to promote good bone structure Analysis(approximate on a DM basis): Protein: 13.5% Fibre: 8.0% Fat: 5% Salt: 1.5% Calcium: 0.9% Phosphorus: 0.6% Copper: 70ppm Zinc: 160ppm Selenium: 0.75ppm Energy: 13.5MJ/kg Ingredients Selected From: Steam flaked maize, steam flaked barley, steam flaked oats, linseed cake, lucerne chaff, wheat by-products, barley by-products, copra meal, extracted soyabean, soya oil, grassmeal, molasses, limestone, salt, methionine, mycocurb, dicalcium phosphate, Wheat Includes vitamins and minerals.

NRM Assett 20 kg

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