Jumpstart™ Full Cream Colostrum is a replacement colostrum powder, and is designed as a natural supplement for newborn animals that have received little or no colostrum at birth. It is a supplement that will provide essential immunoglobulins for newborn animals. Immunoglobulins (IgG’s) are the building blocks of ruminant animals lives. IgG’s are antibodies that form the immune system of young animals. Without it, animals can struggle in their early days and often die. Colostrum carries, along with nutrient and growth permitters, the IgG’s that enable the immune system to thrive. As Jumpstart™ is made from high protein casein and high fat cream powder, Jumpstart™ is designed to act as a first colostrum alternative and is made to curd. Jumpstart™ has added vitamins and minerals and is high in Vitamins A and E, and Niacin. For maximum lgG uptake Jumpstart™ should be fed solely on day one. For days 2-4 it is recommended that the animal receives one feed of Jumpstart™ and one feed of milk or a suitable milk replacer each day. Each 600g pail makes 4L of colostrum milk providing two feeds for a calf or four feeds for other species including lambs, goat kids, foals, fawns, puppies, piglets and cria

Jumpstart Colostrum 600g

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