If you are looking for hoof protection for your mini horse or pony, Cute Little Boots Minis are the boots for you! 

The CLB upper is heavy duty industrial grade and durable with with a soft foam collar and breathable backing for your equine’s comfort. Includes reflective logos for safety and a supple and flexible bulb.  The boot goes on easily, conforms to individual hoofs and pasterns, and it stays on.   Each boot can fit a left or right foot or be used on the rear hooves.

**The new size M1 is made to fit the smallest of miniature horses, and the M4 is sized to fit a large miniature horse or pony or very small regular horse hoof.  The M4 is also offered to “bridge the gap” between Cavallo’s miniature and regular size ranges.  The M1 – M4 size range now gives a complete range of sizing, covering the small hoofs that could previously not fit a Cavallo Boot!**

Sold individually.

Size M1 Slim: 

Hoof Length: 62mm – 71mm / 2 3/8”- 2 11/16” 

Hoof  Width:  51mm – 61mm  /  2" - 2  5/16”

Size M2 Slim: 

Hoof Length:  72mm – 82mm / 2 3/4”-3  1/8”  

Hoof  Width:  62mm – 72mm  / 2  3/8”- 2  3/4” 

Size M3 Slim:

Hoof Length:  83mm – 92 mm / 3 3/16″ – 3 5/8″ 

Hoof Width:  73mm – 82 mm / 2 13/16″ – 3 1/8″ 

Size M4 Slim: 

Hoof Length: 93mm – 102mm / 3 11/16”- 4” 

Hoof  Width: 83mm – 92mm  /  3 3/16" - 3 5/8”

  • Replaceable Velcro Closure System
  • Reflective logos for safety
  • Soft foam collar
  • Heavy duty industrial grade 1680 Denier Nylon Upper
  • Cavallo signature built in side drainage slots allows water to enter and exit and air to circulate
  • Exclusive patented front opening upper system


1 ) Measure the hoof  carefully just AFTER A FRESH TRIM.

2) Measure the length from the heel buttress line to the toe.  Do NOT include heel bulbs. (Refer to the diagram and video below.   Note teh size in the diagram are for Horse boots not mini))

3) Measure right across the widest part of each hoof.

4) Compare your measurements to Cavallo sizing chart below.  Stay within the boot size range as room for growth has already been allowed for between regular trims.  The Cavallo Regular sole is best for a hoof that is measuring the same length and width. The Slim sole is 1/4 inch (6 mm) narrower than long and better suited to a more oval shaped hoof.

5) Please re-measure if  the length is greater than the width by two sizes,  1/2 inch (12mm) or more.

Cavallo CLB Mini Bling Hoof Boot

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  • Price: $99.90

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