Low Glycemic nut for pregnant & Lactating Mares NRM Evolve is ideal for mares that are not maintaining body condition on pasture alone during their pregnancy or while lactating. NRM Evolve is a safe full feed to provide additional calories to assist with weight gain. The Low Gycemic nature of the feed, with increased fibre levels compared to conventional high grain feeds, means there are added health benefits for mares. These health benefits are associated with the lower starch content and include reducing the risk of colic and laminitis. Incorporates the latest KER research Highly palatable Ideal if trying to avoid high grain diets Includes KER vitamin and mineral premix Includes chromium to enhance glucose and insulin metabolism Contains Yea-SAcc yeast culture to maximise hindgut function Feeding Recommendations - Poor/restricted pasture and / or poor condition · Last 120 days of pregnancy 3-4kg · First 60 days of lactation 3-6kg · Late lactation 2-4kg Low Glycemic nut for young growing horses NRM Evolve is a low glycemic feed formulated to encourage sound skelatal development in young growing horses, Research undertaken by Kentucky Equine Research has indicated a significant benefit in providing horses with a supplementary feed that has a low glycemic index, relative to conventional grain mixes. NRM Evolve has been formulated in conjuction with this ongoing research. As a result less than a third of the energy comes from carbohydrates, compared to about two thirds in conventional feed. Energy is instead derived from a combination of fats and digestible fibre. • Incorporates the latest KER research • Very palatable • Can be fed from 3 months of age • Also suitable for pregnant mares, ideal if trying to avoid high grain diets • Contains KER vitamin and mineral pre-mix • Contains Yea-sacc yeast culture to maximise hindgut function Feeding recommendations Creep fed foals: up to 1kg daily Weanlings: 2 - 3 kg Yearlings: 3-4kg Ingredients Selected From: Barley, Brewers Grain, Copra Meal, Dicalium Phosphate, Lime, Lucerne, Maize, Maize Gluten Feed, Molasses, Oats, Peas, Pollard, Salt, Soybean Meal, Wheat By-Products, Wheat, Vegetable Oil, KER Vitamin and Mineral Premix, enchanced with Mineralised Proteinates. Analysis(approximate on a DM basis): Protein 16.0% Fat 7.5% Fibre 7.5% Salt 1.5% Calcium 1% Phosphorous 0.8% copper 60 ppm Zinc 155 ppm Selenium 0.75 ppm Energy 13.5 MJ/kg

NRM Evolve 20 kg

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