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Supreme Detangle Spray for Mane and Tail 500ml

Product Code: TGPTDSM

Supreme Products Detangle & Shine keeps show manes and tails tangle-free and lustrous throughout...


Supreme Easy Plait 500mls

Product Code: TGPPESM

Use Supreme Products Easy Plait to help produce perfect plaits every time. Easy Plait will keep plai...


Supreme Highlighter Gloss 100ml

Product Code: TGPMGSNM

Use Supreme Products Highlighter Gloss to produce a glisteny finish and enhance your horse’s n...


Supreme Leg & Body Whitener 1 kg

Product Code: TGPSSS1

An easy to apply leg and body whitener that produces brilliantly white legs and body. Usable wet or ...


Supreme Products Matte Make-up

Product Code: TGPMMS

Use Supreme Black Matt Make Up to cover over marks,scars and unwanted light coat hairs. This can be ...


Supreme Quarter Marking Spray

Product Code: TGPCQSS

Use SUPREME PRODUCTS Quarter Marking Spray to hold marks in place and make them stand out to give a ...


Supreme Spray & Shine

Product Code: TGPTSSB

A fabulous coat dressing which adds an outstanding gleam to the coat. The coat must first be sealed ...



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