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Schleich - Barrel Racing with Cowgirl

Product Code: GMPBCS

Barrel racing with cowgirl Barrel racing is especially popular with female rodeo riders. The cowg...


Schleich - Fence Set White

Product Code: GMZFSSW

This model is a true-to-life replica that has been meticulously hand painted. Constructed out of du...


Schleich - Moon Unicorn Foal

Product Code: GMZUMSF

The cute shooting star unicorn foal is more daring than the adult unicorns. His bold and curious way...


Schleich - Moon UnicornStallion

Product Code: GMZUMSS

  This proud stallion is a moon unicorn and with his friendly, open eyes, always keeps a w...


Schleich - Adventure Tree House

Product Code: GMSTHS

Adventure tree house Ben and Sarah can lark about, play and picnic for hours in the Schleich®...


Schleich - Andalusian Foal New

Product Code: GMHANSFN

Andalusian foal Andalusian foals aren’t fully grown until the age of six or seven. Andal...


Schleich - Andalusian Stallion

Product Code: GMHANSS

  Andalusian stallion Only Andalusians that are listed in the studbook can be designated ...


Schleich - Appaloosa Foal

Product Code: GMHAPSF

Appaloosa foal Appaloosas have distinctive coloured stripes on their hoofs. Appaloosas have dist...


Schleich - Appaloosa Mare

Product Code: GMHAPSM

Schleich - Appaloosa Stallion

Product Code: GMHAPSS


Schleich - Arab Foal

Product Code: GMZANSAF

Arabian foal Arabian horses with their black, grey, red-brown or chestnut brown coats are a parti...


Schleich - Arab Mare w Blanket

Product Code: GMSABS

Comes with: *Schleich Arabian mare *Halter with lead *Blanket *Bushel of apples *Bushel of turn...

Was: $34.90 Now: $24.90

Schleich - Arabian Foal

Product Code: GMHARSF



Schleich - Arabian Mare

Product Code: GMHARSM

  Arabian horses with their black, grey, red-brown or chestnut brown coats are a particula...


Schleich - Arabian Stallion

Product Code: GMHARSS



Schleich - Arctic Fox

Product Code: GMAFAS

Schleich - Arctic Wolf Cub

Product Code: GMDWASB

Schleich - Ardennes Foal

Product Code: GMHADSF

Schleich - Bay Trakehner Stallion

Product Code: GMHTRSS

The Trakehner's brand is an elk horn. Trakehner are pure-bred warmblood horses. For many hors...


Schleich - Bayala Telescope

Product Code: GMZETS

Schleich - Bernese Mountain Dog Female

Product Code: GMDBMSF

Bernese Mountain Dog, female Bernese mountain dogs are good-natured, large, black and brown dogs ...


Schleich - Black Angus Bull

Product Code: GMABBSV

Black Angus bull Angus cattle are beautiful and strong black cattle with somewhat shorter legs. ...


Schleich - Black Angus Calf

Product Code: GMABBSB

  A Black Angus calf drinks its mother’s milk for the first six to eight months. ...


Schleich - Black Angus Cow

Product Code: GMABBSF

Black Angus cattle are originally from Scotland and now bred as a fattening cattle in New Zealand. T...


Schleich - Black Arabian Stallion

Product Code: GMHARSSB

Arab horses are often considered to be the most beautiful horse breed in the world. Their beautiful ...


Schleich - Black Horned Bull

Product Code: GMAHBSV

Black bull Bulls have been the symbol of Spain for centuries. Bulls have been the symbol of Sp...


Schleich - Black Panther

Product Code: GMZAPSS

Schleich - Blanket + Headstall 2pc Set

Product Code: GMTBHS2

Schleich - Blanket + Headstall Brown

Product Code: GMTBHSC

Schleich - Blanket + Headstall Green

Product Code: GMTBHSG

Schleich - Blanket + Headstall Lilac

Product Code: GMTBHSM

Schleich - Border Collie

Product Code: GMDBCSV

Border collie Border Collies are passionate sheepdogs. They love nothing more than protecting she...


Schleich - Braunvieh Cow

Product Code: GMACBSF

Schleich - Bronc Riding w Cowboy

Product Code: GMZHCS

Saddle bronc riding with cowboy “Saddle bronc riding” is a popular rodeo event. The cow...


Schleich - Bull Riding w Cowboy

Product Code: GMZRBS

Bull riding with cowboy Rodeo is a popular sport in America in which cowboys and cowgirls put the...


Schleich - Caravan for Secret Club Meetings

Product Code: GMSCSS

Caravan for secret club meetings One day before Hannah’s 12th birthday, the friends di...


Schleich - Cat Standing

Product Code: GMACTSV

Cats use their long facial whiskers to measure gaps. Cats use their long facial whiskers to mea...


Schleich - Clydesdale Foal

Product Code: GMHCYSF

Clydesdale foal Clydesdales are among the biggest horses in the world. When they are fully grown,...


Schleich - Clydesdale Gelding New

Product Code: GMHCYSG2

Clydesdale gelding Clydesdales are large, coldblood horses with long, powerful legs and long, thi...


Schleich - Clydesdale Mare

Product Code: GMHCYSM

Clydesdale mare Clydesdales are large, strong horses. Their characteristic features include their...


Schleich - Connemara Pony Mare

Product Code: GMHCPSM

Connemara pony mare The home of the Connemara ponies is the barren, hilly landscape of Western Ir...


Schleich - Corral Fence

Product Code: GMZFCS

Corral Fence The corral fence can be assembled and dismantled quickly and in any position. The...


Schleich - Dalmation Male

Product Code: GMDDASM

Dalmatian, male Dalmatians are famous for the beautiful spots on their white, glossy coats. They ...


Schleich - Dalmation Puppy

Product Code: GMDDASP

Dalmatian puppy When a Dalmatian puppy is born, it’s not possible to tell whether it will g...


Schleich - Dark Hanoverian Mare

Product Code: GMHHNSMS

Hanoverians are strong-willed and highly ambitious, and extremely gifted show horses. They are espec...


Schleich - Dartmoor Pony Mare

Product Code: GMHDPSM

Dartmoor pony mare Dartmoor ponies come from a region of moor- and heathland in south-west England....


Schleich - Decorated Pegasus Foal

Product Code: GMZUDSF

The little unicorn foal is learning to fly right now and is very daring. He likes being stroked and ...


Schleich - Decorated Pegasus Stallion

Product Code: GMZUDSS

A special family of magical creatures lives in a glade: a winged horse, a unicorn mare and her foal....


Schleich - Dog Kennel

Product Code: GMZPKS

The Australian Shepherd is a very sporty, energetic dog. It loves being outside and herding sheep. T...


Schleich - Dolphin

Product Code: GMAWDS

Schleich - Dressage Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSDSB

Schleich - Elf Lily Like

Product Code: GMZEESL

Detailed and delicate model lily-like elf, part of the Bayala world of magical and mysterious creatu...


Schleich - Elf Magnolia

Product Code: GMZEESM

Schleich - English Thoroughbred Foal

Product Code: GMHETSF

English thoroughbred foal There are strict rules governing the breeding of English Thoroughbreds. ...


Schleich - English Thoroughbred Mare

Product Code: GMHETSM

English thoroughbred mare All English Thoroughbreds can be traced back to three Arab stallions bo...


Schleich - English Thoroughbred Stallion

Product Code: GMHETSS

English thoroughbred stallion English Thoroughbreds are primarily bred for racing. English Tho...


Schleich - English Thoroughbred w Blanket

Product Code: GMSTBS

Schleich - Equestrian Grooming Set

Product Code: GMSGES

Schleich - Equestrian Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSES

Equestrian riding set including an Andulsian mare and the leisure riding saddle and bridle set....


Schleich - Eventing Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSESB

Schleich - Farm Life Playmat

Product Code: GWZPMSM

Schleich - Farm World Starter Set

Product Code: GMFWSS
Was: $49.90 Now: $39.90

Schleich - Feed Set Large

Product Code: GMSSFSL

Schleich - Feed Set Complete

Product Code: GMSFDSX

Schleich - Feed Set Sml

Product Code: GMSSFSS

Schleich - Feeding Rack + Drinking Trough

Product Code: GMSFSSL

Schleich - Fjord Horse Mare

Product Code: GMHFHSM

Schleich - Flamingo

Product Code: GMBFLS

This model is a true to life replica showing striking reddish to pink coloured feathers along wit...


Schleich - Fly Blanket + Halter

Product Code: GMTBHSF

Schleich - Foal Care

Product Code: GMTBFSA

Schleich - Forest Animal Babies

Product Code: GMWSFS

Schleich - Fox

Product Code: GMAFSSM

Schleich - French Bulldog

Product Code: GMDFBS

French bulldog French bulldogs are lapdogs with body and soul. French bulldogs are lapdogs with ...


Schleich - Frisian Mare

Product Code: GMHFRSM

Frisian mare Friesians are powerful, black horses, bred exclusively as black horses. At one time ...


Schleich - Frisian Stallion

Product Code: GMHFRSS

  The Friesian is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. It has a silky, flowing mane a...


Schleich - Frisian Stallion Riding Tournament

Product Code: GMHFRSP

Frisian stallion riding tournament Frisian stallions are always an impressive sight at horse show...


Schleich - German Shepherd Female

Product Code: GMDGSSF

German Shepherd The German shepherd is one of the cleverest breeds of dog, with only the border col...


Schleich - German Shepherd Puppy

Product Code: GMDGSSP

Schleich - Girl Feeding

Product Code: GMPGBSF

Schleich - Goat

Product Code: GMADGS

Goat During the day, goats' pupils narrow to almost rectangular, horizontal slits. During ...


Schleich - Golden Retriever Female

Product Code: GMDGRSF

Golden Retriever, female Golden retrievers are medium-sized, intelligent and friendly dogs with a...


Schleich - Golden Retriever Puppy

Product Code: GMDGRSP

Golden Retriever puppy Golden retrievers are medium-sized, intelligent and friendly dogs with a h...


Schleich - Haflinger Family

Product Code: GMZCAS

Haflinger family in the meadow The Haflinger family is allowed out onto the pasture for a few hou...


Schleich - Haflinger Foal

Product Code: GMHHFSF

  Haflinger foal By the age of three, Haflinger foals are already almost fully grown. Howev...


Schleich - Haflinger Mare

Product Code: GMHHFSM

Haflinger mare Haflingers are extremely gentle, versatile and intelligent. It’s love at fir...


Schleich - Haflinger Stallion

Product Code: GMHHFSS

Haflinger stallion The Haflinger is a mountain horse from the South Tyrolean Alps, and is named a...


Schleich - Hannah's First Aid Kit

Product Code: GMZKFS

Horse Club Hannah’s first-aid kit When she grows up, Hannah would like to become a vet like...


Schleich - Hanoverian Foal New

Product Code: GMHNSF

Hanoverian foal The insignia of two horses’ heads is branded onto Hanoverian foals’ h...


Schleich - Hanoverian Gelding

Product Code: GMHHNSG

Hanoverian gelding Hanoverians are exceptional show horses that have won over 48 Olympic gold med...


Schleich - Hanoverian Mare

Product Code: GMHHNSM


Schleich - Hanoverian Mare Dressage

Product Code: GMHHNSD

Hanoverian mare Hanoverians are strong-willed and highly ambitious, and extremely gifted show hor...


Schleich - Hanoverian Stallion

Product Code: GMHHNSS


Schleich - Hay

Product Code: GMFHYS

Schleich - Healing Set Large

Product Code: GMSHPSL

Healing set, large Experienced elves know all the healing plants of the forest. They knit these t...


Schleich - Hereford Calf

Product Code: GMACESB

  Most Hereford calves have a dark red coat. Most Hereford calves have a dark red coat....


Schleich - Holstein Bull

Product Code: GMACHSM

Schleich - Holstein Calf

Product Code: GMACHSC

Holstein calf Cows are very sensitive animals. Calves are protected by their mothers, who are imm...


Schleich - Holsteiner Foal

Product Code: GMHHLSF

Holsteiner foal Holsteiners are very talented jumpers. Holsteiners are very talented jumpers. ...


Schleich - Holsteiner Gelding

Product Code: GMHHLSG

Holsteiner gelding Holsteiners are very popular sport horses and are one of the oldest German bre...


Schleich - Holsteiner Mare

Product Code: GMHHLSM

Holsteiners have powerful hindquarters that allow them to jump very high. They often win medals at t...


Schleich - Horse Care

Product Code: GMSSHSS

Schleich Horse Care Set - Andalusian

Product Code: GMHACS

Schleich - Horse Club Hannah and Cayenne

Product Code: GMSHCS

Hannah is a passionate Western rider.The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, han...


Schleich - Horse Club Sarah and Mystery

Product Code: GMSGMS

There’s nothing Sarah likes better than riding over open fields, wading through streams and ga...


Schleich - Horse Feeding Playset

Product Code: GMSHFS

Horse feeding playset Our Trakehner foal loves fresh carrots – just like his daddy, the Tra...


Schleich - Horse Groom w Icelandic Pony Mare

Product Code: GMSIGS

Schleich - Horse Winner Set

Product Code: GMZSWS

Schleich - Husky Female

Product Code: GMDHKSF

Schleich - Icelandic Pony Mare

Product Code: GMHINSM

Icelandic Pony mare The Iceland horse is particularly popular with children because it has more t...


Schleich - Icelandic Pony Stallion

Product Code: GMHIPSM

  Icelandic ponies are as wild and free as Iceland itself. They are strongly built with a ...


Schleich - Jumping Parcours

Product Code: GMZJPS

The obstacles of the Schleich show-jumping course are quite demanding. Only the best horses can jump...


Schleich - Knabstrupper Foal

Product Code: GMHKNSF

The most striking characteristic of the Knabstrupper is its very spotted coat.  Fun Fact: The ...


Schleich - Knabstrupper Mare

Product Code: GMHKNSM

Knabstrupper mare The Knabstrupper is the oldest horse breed in Denmark and has an exceptionally ...


Schleich - Knabstrupper Stallion

Product Code: GMHKNSS

Knapstrupper and Appaloosa stallions look very similar, as they both have spotted coats. Knapstru...


Schleich - Koala Bear

Product Code: GMABKS

Schleich - Labrador Female

Product Code: GMDLBSF

Labrador Retriever, female Labrador Retrievers enjoy a swim and are frequently described as water...


Schleich - Labrador Puppy

Product Code: GMDLBSP

Labrador Retriever puppy Labrador Retrievers are friendly, good-natured dogs who enjoy swimming. ...


Schleich - Lamb Standing

Product Code: GMASLSS

Lamb Sheep that are not older than one year are referred to as lambs. Sheep that are not older...


Schleich - Leisure Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSGSB

Schleich - Leopard

Product Code: GMALPSM

Schleich - Lion

Product Code: GMALNSM

Lion, roaring Lions are the only big cats whose males have a mane which makes them clearly distingu...


Schleich - Lion Cub

Product Code: GMALCSB

Schleich - Lioness

Product Code: GMALNSF

With lions, it is almost exclusively the females that go hunting. With lions, it is almost exclus...


Schleich - Lipizzaner Care Set

Product Code: GMZCLS

The Lipizzaner horse is traditionally used in dressage and are famously used by the Spanish Riding S...


Schleich - Lipizzaner Foal New

Product Code: GMHLZSF

Lipizzaner foal Lipizzaner foals have dark coats when they are born. They only go white after six...


Schleich - Lipizzaner Stallion

Product Code: GMHLZSS

Lipizzaner mare Lipizzaners can master difficult dressage exercises with ease. Lipizzaners can...


Schleich - Lisa's Tournament Training

Product Code: GMZKTS

Horse Club Lisa’s tournament training Lisa is training the Appaloosas for the upcoming hors...


Schleich - Mare & Foal

Product Code: GMSMFS

  Pony mare and foal Most Dartmoor foals are born between May and August, and are just 50...


Schleich - Mini Playset - Foal Cleaning

Product Code: GMZSFSC

This schleich mini playset features retired items which are nolonger available to buy on their own.&...


Schleich - Mini Playset - Foal Eating

Product Code: GMZSFSE

Schleich - Mini Playset - Foal w Blanket

Product Code: GMZSFSB
Was: $29.90 Now: $22.50

Schleich - Mini Shetland Pony Family Set

Product Code: GMSMSS

Schleich - Mini Shetty Foal

Product Code: GMHSMSF

Schleich - Mini Shetty Mare

Product Code: GMHSMSM

Schleich - Mini Shetty Stallion

Product Code: GMHSMSS

Schleich - Mini Western Riding Set

Product Code: GMZWMS

Spotted blanket Appaloosa with a tan western saddle and bridle Contents - 1 x Appaloosa ...


Schleich - Miniature Pig Mother & Piglets

Product Code: GMAPMSS

Schleich - Miniature Schnauzer

Product Code: GMDMSS

Miniature schnauzer The Miniature Schnauzer has a moustache, thick, long eyebrows and wiry fur. ...


Schleich - Morgan Horse Mare

Product Code: GMHMHSM

Morgan horse mare Morgan horses are renowned for their strength, speed, endurance and character. ...


Schleich - Morgan Horse Stallion

Product Code: GMHMHSS

Morgan horse stallion The Morgan horse takes its name from a man called Justin Morgan. The Mor...


Schleich - Mustang Foal

Product Code: GMZANSMF

  Mustangs are small, tough horses. They hold their heads high and proud. This may be beca...


Schleich - Mustang Mare

Product Code: GMZANSMM

Mustang mare Mustangs live in the wild all year round. They are extremely tough, resilient horses. ...


Schleich - Mustang Stallion

Product Code: GMZANSMS

Mustang stallion The Mustang symbolises freedom and America’s Wild West. Mustangs were brou...


Schleich - Paddock Playset

Product Code: GMZSFS

There's nothing better for your horses than a warm sunny day out on the paddocks.  Fun Fac...


Schleich - Paint Horse Foal

Product Code: GMHPHSF

Paint horse foal Paint horse foals have the breed’s beautiful characteristic patches right ...


Schleich - Paint Horse Gelding

Product Code: GMHPHSG

Paint horse gelding Paint horse geldings are especially popular with cowboys because they are mor...


Schleich - Paint Horse Mare

Product Code: GMHPHSM

Paint horse mare How can you tell apart a Paint horse mare and a pinto mare? It’s easy to m...


Schleich - Pegasus Foal Standing

Product Code: GMZUPSF

Pegasus foal The little cloud pegasus foal is the most beautiful and mysterious magical being to ...


Schleich - Pellets + Oats

Product Code: GMFPOS

Schleich - Pick Up w Float

Product Code: GMZVFS

Because she loves it so much, Betty the groom gives her Friesian mare Bella another good brush. T...


Schleich - Pig

Product Code: GMAPSSF

Schleich - Pinto Arabian Foal

Product Code: GMHPASF

Pintabian foal Pintabians have a white coat with large coloured patches, white legs and a white b...


Schleich - Pinto Arabian Mare

Product Code: GMHPASM

Schleich - Pinto Arabian Stallion

Product Code: GMHPASS

Pintabian stallion Pintabians come from North America. They are a cross between Arab horses and Pin...


Schleich - Pinto Foal

Product Code: GMHPNSF

Pinto foal Pinto foals are born with their characteristic piebald coat. Over time, coloured patch...


Schleich - Pinto Mare

Product Code: GMHPNSM

Pinto horses were much loved by American Indians, because their coloured coat served as great camouf...


Schleich - Pinto Mare

Product Code: GMHPNSMN

  Pinto horses were much loved by American Indians, because their coloured coat served as ...


Schleich - Pinto Stallion

Product Code: GMHPNSS


Schleich - Polar Bear

Product Code: GMABPPS

Schleich - Pony Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSPSB

Schleich - Quarter Horse Foal

Product Code: GMHQHSF

Quarter horse foal In their first few weeks, foals have a special, very fluffy coat. In their ...


Schleich - Quarter Horse Mare

Product Code: GMHQHSS

Quarter horse mare Quarter horses are reliable animals with strong nerves. Quarter horses are ...


Schleich - Quarter Horse Stallion

Product Code: GMHQHSG

Quarter horse stallion Quarter horses are extremely fast. Quarter horses are extremely fast. E...


Schleich - Rabbit Sitting

Product Code: GMARBSV

Schleich - Recreational Rider on Grey Horse

Product Code: GMHRRS

Recreational rider with horse This leisure rider loves practising the unique gaits of her Tenness...


Schleich - Recreational Rider w Pony

Product Code: GMZRRS

Schleich - Rider Winner Set

Product Code: GMZWRS
Was: $19.90 Now: $10.90

Schleich - Riding Arena

Product Code: GMZPAS

Schleich - Riding Instructor

Product Code: GMPRBSI

Schleich - Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSRS

products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children^design of our produc...


Schleich - Sea Unicorn Foal

Product Code: GMZUSSF

Sea unicorn, foal In the fantastic underwater world of Meamare, there lives a family of unicorns we...


Schleich - Sea Unicorn Mare

Product Code: GMZUSSM

In the fantastic underwater world of Meamare, there lives a family of unicorns well hidden in the de...


Schleich - Sea Unicorn Stallion

Product Code: GMZUSSG

Sea unicorn stallion In the fantastic underwater world of Meamare, there lives a family of unicorns...


Schleich - Seal Cub

Product Code: GMASLSB

Schleich - Sera In Festive Dress on Horseback

Product Code: GMZESS

Schleich - Sheep

Product Code: GMASHSF

Sheep Sheep have a cuddly wool that protects them from the cold in winter. Sheep have a cuddly...


Schleich - Shetland Foal

Product Code: GMZANSSF

These Schleich models are true-to-life replicas that have been meticulously hand painted.


Schleich - Shetland Foal

Product Code: GMHSPSF

Schleich - Shetland Pony Gelding

Product Code: GMHSPSG

Schleich - Shetland Pony Mare

Product Code: GMHSPSMN


Schleich - Shire Mare

Product Code: GMHSHSM

  Shire mare Shire horses are the world’s largest horses. These giant horses can me...


Schleich - Shire Stallion

Product Code: GMHSHSS

  Shire horses are the world’s largest horses. These giant horses can measure more t...


Schleich - Show Jumping Course

Product Code: GMZSJS

Schleich - Show Jumping Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSJSB

Schleich - Simmental Calf

Product Code: GMACFSB

Schleich - Simmental Cow

Product Code: GMACFSC

Schleich - Stable Medical Kit

Product Code: GMSSMS

Schleich - Stall w Horses & Groom

Product Code: GMSSGS

Horse stall with Arab horses and groom The experienced horse groom leads the Arab mare and her foal...


Schleich - Stall w Lusitano Mare

Product Code: GMSSLS

Schleich - Star Pegasus Mare

Product Code: GMZUESM

Star Pegasus, mare This beautiful star Pegasus mare is not from this world. She comes from the in...


Schleich - Straw

Product Code: GMFSWS

Schleich - Team Roping with Cowboy

Product Code: GMZTRS

Team roping with cowboy In “team roping”, two cowboys or cowgirls attempt to catch a ...


Schleich - Tennessee Walker

Product Code: GMHTWSMN

Tennessee Walker mare Tennessee Walker horses have unusually long and flat hooves. Tennessee W...


Schleich - Tennessee Walker Foal

Product Code: GMHTWSF

Tennessee Walker foal The hoofs of Tennessee Walkers have an extremely shallow angle. Most horses...


Schleich - Tennessee Walker Gelding

Product Code: GMHTWSG

Tennessee Walker gelding If you look at a Tennessee Walker from the side, its legs do not stand s...


Schleich - Tennessee Walker Mare

Product Code: GMHTWSM


Schleich - Tennessee Walker Stallion

Product Code: GMHTWSS

Schleich - Texas Longhorn Bull

Product Code: GMABTSL

Schleich - Texas Longhorn Bull

Product Code: GMACXSM

Texas Longhorn bull Texas longhorns have the longest horns of any cattle. Texas longhorns have...


Schleich - Texas Longhorn Cow

Product Code: GMACXSF

Texas Longhorn cow Texas longhorns aren’t just famous for their long horns, but also for thei...


Schleich - Tiger

Product Code: GMATGSM

  The Siberian tiger is the largest big cat in the world and can grow up to three metres l...


Schleich - Tinker Foal

Product Code: GMHTKSF

  Tinker foal The Tinker has a beautiful piebald coat, a magnificent mane, a full tail an...


Schleich - Tinker Mare

Product Code: GMHTKSM

Schleich - Tinker Stallion

Product Code: GMHTKSS

Tinker stallion Coloured cobs are powerful horses with a full mane, strong feathering, a short ba...


Schleich - Tournament Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMSSTS

Schleich - Trained Horse

Product Code: GMHTHSV


Schleich - Trakehner Foal

Product Code: GMHTRSF

Trakehner foal Trakehner are noble, warmblood horses that are often used for jumping and dressage...


Schleich - Trakehner Mare

Product Code: GMHTRSM



Schleich - Unicorn and Pegasus Feed Set

Product Code: GMUFSS

Schleich - Welsh Pony Mare

Product Code: GMHWPSM

Welsh pony mare Welsh ponies have big, beautiful eyes, short backs and strong hindquarters. Wels...


Schleich - Welsh Pony Stallion

Product Code: GMHWPSS

Welsh pony stallion Welsh ponies are among the most popular riding ponies in Europe. Welsh ponie...


Schleich - Western Rider with Horse

Product Code: GMZSCS

Western rider Along with her horse, the equestrienne enjoys the day. Once they break into gallopi...


Schleich - Western Riding Set

Product Code: GMZWSS

Western riding Western riders only use one hand to control the reins. Western riders only use on...


Schleich - Western Saddle + Bridle

Product Code: GMTSWSB

Schleich - White Goose

Product Code: GMBWGSC

Schleich - White-Tailed Fawn

Product Code: GMADWSB

White-tailed fawns have lots of small white spots on their fur. White-tailed fawns have lots of s...


Schleich - Wild Boar

Product Code: GMAWBS

Schleich - Winged Rainbow Unicorn

Product Code: GMZUWS

Winged rainbow unicorn In the mountains of Rainbow Island, there lives a winged rainbow unicorn wit...


Schleich - Winged Rainbow Unicorn Foal

Product Code: GMZUWSF

Winged rainbow unicorn foal In the mountains of Rainbow Island, there lives a winged rainbow unic...


Schleich - Yorkshire Terrier

Product Code: GMDYTS

Yorkshire terrier Yorkshire terriers are famous throughout the world for their silky soft coats and...


Schleich Bayala - Nalenja

Product Code: GMZENSL

Nalenja Nalenja is riding through the night on a mist horse. It took a long time before the shy a...


Schleich Fairy Eyela W Pegasus Unicorn

Product Code: GMZHES

Fairy Eyela with princess unicorn Since Eyela saw her gorgeous unicorn for the first time, the tw...


Schleich Fairy Freya w Unicorn

Product Code: GMZPWS

Fairy Feya with Pegasus unicorn All the elves admire Feya and her Pegasus unicorn for their beaut...


Schleich Farm Life - Babies Set 1

Product Code: GMFB1S
Was: $14.90 Now: $9.90

Schleich Farm Life - Babies Set 2

Product Code: GMFB2S
Was: $14.90 Now: $9.90

Schleich Farm Set - Feeding on the Farm

Product Code: GMFSFS

The farmer knows precisely which food his animals like best. He gives the hay to the cows. After spr...


Schleich Farm Set - My First Farm Animals

Product Code: GMFSAS

Schleich Farm Set - Rider w Icelandic Ponies

Product Code: GMFSRSI

Rider with Icelandic Ponies The rider is saddling her beautiful Icelandic pony mare so she can pr...


Schleich Farm Set - Stablehand with Shetland Ponies

Product Code: GMFSSS
Was: $39.90 Now: $32.50

Schleich Horse Care Set - Frisian

Product Code: GMHFCS

Horse care set, Frisian Our Friese loves it when he gets a few of his favourite treats before rid...


Schleich Horse Club - Riding Centre w Access

Product Code: GMZRSS

Riding centre with rider and horses The new stable building is ready. With its green doors and pink...


Schleich Horse Club - Riding School w Riders

Product Code: GMZRSSR

Schleich Paddock w Entry Gate

Product Code: GMZFGS

Paddock with entry gate Whenever new horses or ponies arrive at Lakeside, they are brought to the...


Schleich Set - Childrens Zoo

Product Code: GMFSZS

Bayala Star Sign Tattoos Schleich

Product Code: GGISTS

There are six different star signs in the night skies of bayala: the Moon Unicorn, the Song Flower, ...

Was: $6.90 Now: $3.50

Pony Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSPS

Cute pony riding set from Schleich. Fits on most medium size Schleich models, does not come with own...


Rainbow - Unicorn Foal

Product Code: GMZUCSF

Rainbow unicorn, foal In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the rainbow unicorns gleam in...


Rainbow - Unicorn Mare

Product Code: GMZUCSM

Decorated unicorn, mare The unicorn mare lives with her family in a glade, not far from Soleyas. ...


Rainbow - Unicorn Stallion

Product Code: GMZUCSS

Rainbow unicorn, stallion In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the rainbow unicorns glea...


Schliech - Paddock Fence Set Brown Planking

Product Code: GMZFPSC

New Schleigh model.



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