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Botanica Anti Itch Cream 550ml

Product Code: HWDAIBL

Instructions: Wash the affected area with Botanica Cleansing Wash (diluted in warm wa...


Botanica Cleansing Wash

Product Code: HMWCWB

Instructions: Shake well. Dilute two capfuls of Botanica Cleansing Wash in approximat...


Botanica Eternal Youth

Product Code: HWDHEB

Botanica Eternal Youth Cream With Vitamins: A (Retinol), B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, D, E, F, Omega 3 an...


Botanica Natural 5 in1 Spray 750ml

Product Code: HSF5SB

  Ingredients, for multi-purpose use Botanica 5-in-1 Spray is a multi-purpose spray, w...


Botanica Natural Fly Spray 750ml

Product Code: HSFFSB

Botanica Fly Spray can be used on all animals all year round. It is 100% natural and can be sprayed ...


Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

Product Code: HWDNH

Botanica’s Natural Herbal Cream can be beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions i.e....


Botanica Small Animal Care Cream 125ml

Product Code: HWDSABL

Botanica’s Small Animal Care Cream was designed with severe cases in mind; it has six mai...


Elite Equine Gastro Go 1kg

Product Code: HFSDGX1

The gastric solution that works 3 ways to support improved comfort and healing.   A new natur...


Elite Equine Gastro Go

Product Code: HFSDG

The gastric solution that works 3 ways to support improved comfort and healing.   A new natur...


HSE Glass Pro Patent Blk 100 ml

Product Code: TGPGIGSB

Patent Black is a full pigment makeup for the show horse.  As the name suggests, Patent deliver...


HSE Mink Oil 200ml

Product Code: TGPCMEM

Marrakesh Mink Oil Gel contains our exclusive BOTANICAL Mink Oil blend… a combination of luxu...


Orijen 6 Fish Cat 1.8 kg

Product Code: PFC6FOS

Orijen 6 Fish Cat 5.4 kg

Product Code: PFC6FOM

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 11.4 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOL

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 2 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOS

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 6 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOM

Orijen Large Breed Puppy 11.4 kg

Product Code: PFDPLOL

Orijen Senior Dog 2 kg

Product Code: PFDSDOS

Syncrocalm Ice Tube 30ml

Product Code: HFSRSST



Syncrofen Express 30ml Paste

Product Code: HFSMSST

Syncrofen Express is a natural herbal extract for animal use.  Its complex formula contains bot...


Syncrofen Regulate 30ml Paste

Product Code: HFSCRST

Syncrofen Regulate is a natural herbal extract for animal use. It's complex formula contains bot...


Syncroflex HA Complete 450gr

Product Code: HFSMCSS

Syncroflex HA complete contains a sophisticated complexion of HA, collagen peptides, amino acids and...


Syncroflex HA Performance Drops 600gm

Product Code: HFSMDSM

SYNCROFLEX HA PERFORMANCE DROPS This lozenge is packed with HYALURONIC ACID and a range of botani...



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