Vitamins, Minerals, Salts

AG Salt

Product Code: HFSESK

When sodium is low, salt is one of the most cost effective methods of increasing production. Sodium ...

$4.50 - $24.90

Bayer Dexolyte 1 kg

Product Code: HFSEDBS

Ideal for providing extra energy and electrolytes in cases of heat stress and dehydration, and can b...


Black Magic - Broad 2kg Equine Royale

Product Code: HFSGBEM

BlACK MAGIC Broad is a natural foundation supplement for healthy resistance and overall go...


Che garl Liquide 5 lt

Product Code: HFSVCB5L

A natural supplement that promotes well-being in horses.  Che'garl is the brand name for a...


Compose 1 kg

Product Code: HFSRCB1

Compose can be used in horses to help manage unwanted behavour that may be caused by dietary deficie...


Cortaflex Turmeric Xtra 3kg Powder

Product Code: HFSTJCM

TURMERIC POWDER Turmeric + linseed meal + Vitamin E + Calcium Equine America Turmeric is widel...


Diatomaceous Earth

Product Code: HFSGDD

Diatomaceous Earth Dosage Rates Recommended dosage rates for animals and livestock ......


Digestive EQ 4kg

Product Code: HFSGDPM

How is Digestive EQ NZ different to Digestive EQ In New Zealand, the New Zealand Ministry for Pri...


Duwell Vitamin and Mineral Powder

Product Code: HFSVDD
$83.90 - $232.00


Product Code: HFSDDE

Dynavyte is a gut health product formulated by fermenting humates and kelp.  It is highly bio a...


Electrolytes - Harness Salts

Product Code: HFSEHK

Helps with rehydration after strenuous excercise or on a hot day.

$10.50 - $142.90

Elite Equine Compete

Product Code: HFSVCX

Compete is total system support for hard working horses, or even horses that need a bit more co...

$92.90 - $254.90


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