Schleich Equipment

Schleich - Caravan for Secret Club Meetings

Product Code: GMSCSS

Caravan for secret club meetings One day before Hannah’s 12th birthday, the friends di...


Schleich - Dog Kennel

Product Code: GMZPKS

The Australian Shepherd is a very sporty, energetic dog. It loves being outside and herding sheep. T...


Schleich - Equestrian Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSES

Equestrian riding set including an Andulsian mare and the leisure riding saddle and bridle set....


Schleich - Hannah's First Aid Kit

Product Code: GMZKFS

Horse Club Hannah’s first-aid kit When she grows up, Hannah would like to become a vet like...


Schleich - Horse Club Hannah and Cayenne

Product Code: GMSHCS

Hannah is a passionate Western rider.The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, han...


Schleich - Horse Club Sarah and Mystery

Product Code: GMSGMS

There’s nothing Sarah likes better than riding over open fields, wading through streams and ga...


Schleich - Lisa's Tournament Training

Product Code: GMZKTS

Horse Club Lisa’s tournament training Lisa is training the Appaloosas for the upcoming hors...


Schleich - Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSRS

products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children^design of our produc...


Schleich Farm Life - Babies Set 2

Product Code: GMFB2S
Was: $14.90 Now: $9.90

Schleich Farm Set - Rider w Icelandic Ponies

Product Code: GMFSRSI

Rider with Icelandic Ponies The rider is saddling her beautiful Icelandic pony mare so she can pr...


Schleich Horse Care Set - Frisian

Product Code: GMHFCS

Horse care set, Frisian Our Friese loves it when he gets a few of his favourite treats before rid...



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