Schleich Equipment

Schleich - Adventure Tree House

Product Code: GMSTHS

Adventure tree house Ben and Sarah can lark about, play and picnic for hours in the Schleich®...


Schleich - Blanket + Halter Hannah & Cayenne

Product Code: GMTBCS

Blanket & halter Horse Club Hannah & Cayenne Hannah has a gorgeous new blanket and halter...


Schleich - Blanket + Halter Lisa & Storm

Product Code: GMTBSS

Blanket & halter Horse Club Lisa & Storm Lisa surprises her Hanoverian gelding Storm with...


Schleich - Blanket + Halter Sarah & Mystery

Product Code: GMTBMS

Blanket & halter Horse Club Sarah & Mystery Sarah puts the amazing new blanket and halter...


Schleich - Blanket + Halter Sofia & Bloom

Product Code: GMTBBS

Blanket & halter Horse Club Sofia & Blossom Sofia has made gorgeous blankets and halters ...


Schleich - Caravan for Secret Club Meetings

Product Code: GMSCSS

Caravan for secret club meetings One day before Hannah’s 12th birthday, the friends di...


Schleich - Corral Fence

Product Code: GMZFCS

Corral Fence The corral fence can be assembled and dismantled quickly and in any position. The...


Schleich - Dog Kennel

Product Code: GMZPKS

The Australian Shepherd is a very sporty, energetic dog. It loves being outside and herding sheep. T...


Schleich - Equestrian Riding Set

Product Code: GMZSES

Equestrian riding set including an Andulsian mare and the leisure riding saddle and bridle set....


Schleich - Haflinger Family

Product Code: GMZCAS

Haflinger family in the meadow The Haflinger family is allowed out onto the pasture for a few hou...


Schleich - Horse Club Hannah and Cayenne

Product Code: GMSHCS

Horse Club Hannah & Cayenne Hannah is a passionate western rider. Hannah is a passionate w...


Schleich - Horse Club Lisa and Storm

Product Code: GMSLSS

Horse Club Lisa & Storm Lisa is a talented showjumper and has won more medals than anyone els...



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