Schleich Animals

Schleich - Andalusian Foal New

Product Code: GMHANSFN

Andalusian foal Andalusian foals aren’t fully grown until the age of six or seven. Andal...


Schleich - Andalusian Stallion

Product Code: GMHANSS

  Andalusian stallion Only Andalusians that are listed in the studbook can be designated ...


Schleich - Appaloosa Foal

Product Code: GMHAPSF

Appaloosa foal Appaloosas have distinctive coloured stripes on their hoofs. Appaloosas have dist...


Schleich - Appaloosa Mare

Product Code: GMHAPSM

Schleich - Arab Foal

Product Code: GMZANSAF

Arabian foal Arabian horses with their black, grey, red-brown or chestnut brown coats are a parti...


Schleich - Arab Mare w Blanket

Product Code: GMSABS

Comes with: *Schleich Arabian mare *Halter with lead *Blanket *Bushel of apples *Bushel of turn...

Was: $34.90 Now: $24.90

Schleich - Arctic Fox

Product Code: GMAFAS

Schleich - Arctic Wolf Cub

Product Code: GMDWASB

Schleich - Ardennes Foal

Product Code: GMHADSF

Schleich - Bay Trakehner Stallion

Product Code: GMHTRSS

The Trakehner's brand is an elk horn. Trakehner are pure-bred warmblood horses. For many hors...


Schleich - Bernese Mountain Dog Female

Product Code: GMDBMSF

Bernese Mountain Dog, female Bernese mountain dogs are good-natured, large, black and brown dogs ...


Schleich - Black Angus Bull

Product Code: GMABBSV

Black Angus bull Angus cattle are beautiful and strong black cattle with somewhat shorter legs. ...



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