Orijen Pet Food

Orijen is a Premuim pet food from Canada.  It has been awarded ‘PetFood of the Year’ by the Glycemic Research Institute of Washington DC as the healthiest petfood in the world and is the only complete range of 6-star rated dog food available on the New Zealand market 
It has the highest inclusion of PREMIUM protein ingredients.  Grain free formulas, no by-products, only Canadian regionally sourced ingredients, delivered fresh each day (never frozen), no preservatives or additives, cooked slowly in small batches at low temperatures to preserve all the goodness that nature intended. 

When you include the steamed fruits and vegetables, the health promoting herbs and botanicals that read like a natropathic recipe, it’s pretty easy to see why it is considered by those in the know as the best.

Why Orijen is so incredibly different …

  • Entirely Canadian regional ingredients, nothing imported, nothing out-sourced - never frozen delivered daily to their own manufacturing facility in Morrinville, Alberta.
  • Processed every day in small batches, lightly steamed at 90 degrees C to retain all the vitamins and minerals contained in their fresh ingredients.
  • Totally artificial preservative and additive free, no artificial flavourings or colourings what-so-ever
  • The highest inclusion of PREMIUM meats (80%), chicken, turkey, fish and whole eggs found in a kibble.  Human grade muscle meats - not by-products, ground up carcasses and highly processed waste streams
  • The only complete range of GRAIN free dried dog food available in New Zealand.
  • Orijen has attained the highest 6 star rating dog food as rated by www.dogfoodanalysis.com
  • Awarded Pet food of the Year by the Glycemic Research Institute of Washington DC as literally the healthiest pet food on the planet!  Orijen has received this award for the last three years in a row, Champion Petfoods are the only company to achieve this - ever!

Orijen Puppy Food

Product Code: PFDPUO



Orijen 6 Fish Cat 5.4 kg

Product Code: PFC6FOM

Orijen 6 Fish Cat 1.8 kg

Product Code: PFC6FOS

Orijen Cat & Kitten 5.4 kg

Product Code: PFCCKOM

Orijen Cat & Kitten 1.8 kg

Product Code: PFCCKOS

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 11.4 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOL

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 6 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOM

Orijen 6 Fish Dog 2 kg

Product Code: PFD6FOS

Orijen Original Dog 11.4kg

Product Code: PFDADOL

Orijen Original Dog 6 kg

Product Code: PFDADOM

Orijen Original Dog 2 kg

Product Code: PFDADOS

Orijen Large Breed Puppy 11.4 kg

Product Code: PFDPLOL


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