Muscles, Joints, Hooves

Brookby Herbs Free Mover 850 gr Refill Bag

Product Code: HFSMFB.8R

Dried herbs can be used as equine joint supplements and to help maintain a healthy musculo-skeletal ...


Cortaflex Biotin Xtra 2.5kg Powder

Product Code: HFSHBCS

Biotin Xtra Powder is a palatable, cost-effective supplement to support hoof health Biotin Xtra Pow...


Cortaflex Pro Fenn 454g Powder

Product Code: HFSMPCS

A safe and natural alternative to Devil's Claw for joint comfort. Equine PRO-FENN is a powerful ...


Cortaflex Turmeric Xtra 3kg Powder

Product Code: HFSTJCM

FEED FOR HORSES TO SUPPORT GENERAL HEALTH Ready to use, with linseed (flax) oil and black pepper al...


Diamond Biotin 1 kg

Product Code: HFSHBDM

Complementary feed for horses for the condition of the hoof. 2000 mg / 1 kg


Diamond Hoof & Horse Formula

Product Code: HFSHHDM

For optimal health and high quality The horse's health is often reflected in the quality of...


Eco - Move Easy 1.2kg Refill

Product Code: HFSMEER

Super Anti-Oxidant Supplement with MSM For Ease of Movement Eco-Move Easy™ provides essenti...


Elite Equine Smooth Mover

Product Code: HFSESX

SMOOTH MOVER is an exciting new approach to optimising muscle function and supporting horses prone t...

$65.90 - $172.90

Elthamol Salve 1.7kg

Product Code: THDCNBS

Elthamol Teat Salve  Benefits Excellent for brittle hooves It also prevents bacterial infe...


Equine Health Anproflex

Product Code: HFSMMA

– New Generation – Dual Action – joint Care The Natural Alternative In Joint Ca...

$79.90 - $164.90

Equine Muscle Supplement 300ml

Product Code: HFSMEPS

palaMOUNTAINS Equine Muscle Supplement is our newest supplement packed with a heap of additional nut...


Grand Meadows Grand Flex Senior

Product Code: HFSMFG

Grand Flex Senior is designed to support many of the issues associated with the aging horse particul...

$148.50 - $668.30


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