Liniments, Poultices, Cooling

All Black N Blue

Product Code: HLPPGE
$39.90 - $59.90

Cooling Bandage - Arctic Blast

Product Code: BBACAV

Equine Elastic Compression Bandage - Instant Cooling – without Ice or Refrigeration Science...


Effol BronchoCare Breathing Balm 150 ml

Product Code: HVERBES

Equine Royale Mend Gel

Product Code: HWDMGEM

Hydrophane Event Leg Grease

Product Code: TGPECHM

This greasy cream is ideal for application to the forelegs of competition horses for cross country. ...


Sore No More Gel Performance 12 oz

Product Code: HLPHPBS

Swell Down Poultice 2.2 kg

Product Code: HLPSDK

Relieves swelling or soreness as well as helping to draw out stone bruises.


Dr Pottles Arnica Gel 600g

Product Code: HLPAGA.6

A gel formulated with Arnica and Aloe Vera known for their natural healing, pain relieving and anti-...


Animalintex Poultice Dressing

Product Code: HLPALR



Copper Sulphate 1 kg

Product Code: HLPCSKI

Betavet Cool N Tite

Product Code: HLPCTB


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