Happy Mouth

Happy Mouth French Link D Round

Product Code: BBIHDF

We recommend using Effol Bit Butter to help acceptance of the bit and to stop the corners of their m...


Happy Mouth Hanging Mullen

Product Code: BBIHHM

The Happy Mouth Mullen Mouth Hanging Cheek Snaffle has all the benefits of the Happy mouth range. T...


Happy Mouth Kimberwick Jointed

Product Code: BBIHKJ

Happy Mouth Jointed Kimberwick. Made using an apple-scented, space-age polymer, Happy Mouth bits enc...


Happy Mouth King Dee Double Jointed

Product Code: BBIHPB

The unique Apple scent encourages horses to accept the bit and the space age polymer provides for a ...


Happy Mouth Loop Ring Bevel

Product Code: BBIHOJ

Loop Ring can be used in many ways. It gives direct pressure to turn if a rein is just attached t...


Happy Mouth Loose Ring French Link

Product Code: BBIHLF

From Happy Mouth Bits®, this French Link Loose Ring Bit features a mouthpiece covered with a sof...


Happy Mouth Running Gag

Product Code: BBIEGH

Also known as a 'Cheltenham Gag', used with leather or rope gag cheeks, and can be ridden in...


Happy Mouth - Copper E/Butt Contour

Product Code: BBIHCEC

The Happy Mouth Contoured Copper Roller Eggbutt Bit combines multiple features to promote bit accept...


Happy Mouth - Copper D

Product Code: BBIHDC

A favourite with top trainers. This Happy Mouth D-ring bit is covered with a soft, flexible, yet ext...


Happy Mouth - Jointed E/butt

Product Code: BBIHEJ

This Happy Mouth eggbutt snaffle gives excellent control with its jointed mouth piece and is we...

$69.90 - $79.90

Happy Mouth - Mullen E/butt

Product Code: BBIHEM

The mullen eggbutt has a shaped mouth piece to give maximum fit to the horse's mouth, and the so...



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