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AHD Aloe Vera Gel 500g

Product Code: HWDAVAM

NZ biggest selling Aloe vera formulation, applied to areas of bruising to aid in blood circulation. ...


AHD Equiskin Wound Cream 500gm

Product Code: HWDCEA

An amazing formulation for the treatment of minor wounds of any size with speed leaving a clean look...


AHD Mane & Tail Spray + Citronella 600g

Product Code: HSFMCAM

A highly effective de-tangling spray which includes citronella to aid in repelling flies, mosquitoes...


Botanica Anti Itch Cream 550ml

Product Code: HWDAIBL

Instructions: Wash the affected area with Botanica Cleansing Wash (diluted in warm wa...


Botanica Cleansing Wash

Product Code: HMWCWB

Instructions: Shake well. Dilute two capfuls of Botanica Cleansing Wash in approximat...


Botanica Natural 5 in1 Spray 750ml

Product Code: HSF5SB

  Ingredients, for multi-purpose use Botanica 5-in-1 Spray is a multi-purpose spray, w...


Botanica Natural Herbal Cream

Product Code: HWDNH

Botanica’s Natural Herbal Cream can be beneficial on a wide range of skin conditions i.e....


Hey Sport Lightflex Spray

Product Code: CACSLHS

HEY SPORT LIGHTFLEX SPRAY provides protection and safety in the dark by the reflection of light. Thr...

Was: $49.90 Now: $25.00

HSE Smudge Pot Black

Product Code: TGPMSEB

♦  Exceptional Colour Coverage ♦  Smooth Easy Blending ♦  No Bead...


Lillidale Herbal Shampoo

Product Code: TGPSHL

A rich but gentle shampoo, containing a blend of natural herb extracts to cleanse the horses and pon...


Lillidale Lavender Wash

Product Code: TGPSLL

A refreshing soapless formula designed to cleanse and refresh. It contains lavender oil which may he...


Lillidale Mane & Tail Conditioner

Product Code: TGPCML

A luxurious conditioner liquid for horses and ponies to help remove tangles and static from the...

Was: $117.50 Now: $29.00


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