Grooming Products

Animology Fox Poo

Product Code: PGPSFAS

Animology True Colours

Product Code: PGPSTAS

Beekind KawaKawa Massage Soap 110g

Product Code: TGPSKBWK

Champion Tails Quarter Marker Spray

Product Code: TGPCQCS

Effol Kids Super Clean 300ml

Product Code: TGPSKEM

Effol Kids Super-Clean is a shampoo with the special scent of raspberry and which not only cleans, i...


Equine Super Goo Fly & Insect 500ml

Product Code: HSFSFEM

Hey Sport Lightflex Spray

Product Code: CACSLHS



HSE Mink Oil 200ml

Product Code: TGPCMEM

Hyshine leg and body whitener powder 1kg

Product Code: TGPMSSS

Manuka WashBar Soap for Dogs

Product Code: TGPSMWS

Product Description The Manuka WashBar is packed full of goodness, it’s made with special i...


Roma Thinning Blade Comb

Product Code: TGETCR

Roma Thinning Blade is a quick and easy way the thin the mane and tidy the top of the tail



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