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Flax Seed Flake 20 kg Provida

Product Code: HFSCFF20

Crushed Barley

Product Code: HFCBCK

Whole Barley

Product Code: HFCBWK
$19.50 - $26.90

Crushed Maize

Product Code: HFCMCK
$23.10 - $33.30

Whole Maize

Product Code: HFCMWK
$21.90 - $31.20

Crushed Oats

Product Code: HFCOCKL
$24.30 - $35.40

Whole Oats

Product Code: HFCOWK
$22.70 - $32.60


Product Code: HFCWWK
$20.90 - $29.40

Linseed Whole

Product Code: HFSGLK

The addition of linseeds to the horse’s diet, is an excellent choice for any horse and particu...

$4.70 - $39.90

Topflight Sunflower Seeds

Product Code: PFDBST

Sunflower seeds suitable for birds.

$6.90 - $25.40

Pollard 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFFPOC

Pollard is used for fattening horses. Tt is the remains of the inner kernel of wheat left after fl...


Takanini Asian Conditioning Mix 25 kg

Product Code: ZHFPACT

this feed is available for collection at Horselands Kumeu Grain and Drury, not Hamilton. Asian Mi...



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