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Flax Seed Flake 20 kg Provida

Product Code: HFSCFF20

maintains condition and encourages digestive health. When we cold-press the Linseed Seed, we produc...


Crushed Barley

Product Code: HFCBCK

Available in 10kg and 25kg Crushed barley


Whole Barley

Product Code: HFCBWK

Whole Barley is available in 10kg and 25kg


Crushed Maize

Product Code: HFCMCK

Crushed Maize is available in 10kg and 25kg


Whole Maize

Product Code: HFCMWK

Whole Maize is available in 10kg and 25kg


Crushed Oats

Product Code: HFCOCKL

Crushed oats are available in 10kg and 25kg


Whole Oats

Product Code: HFCOWK

Whole oats are available in 10kg and 25kg



Product Code: HFCWWK

Whole Wheat is available in 10kg and 25kg 


Topflight Sunflower Seeds

Product Code: PFDBST

Sunflower seeds suitable for birds.

$6.90 - $25.40

Pollard 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFFPOC

Pollard is used for fattening horses. Tt is the remains of the inner kernel of wheat left after fl...


Takanini Asian Conditioning Mix 25 kg

Product Code: ZHFPACT

this feed is available for collection at Horselands Kumeu Grain and Drury, not Hamilton. Asian Mi...


Copra Meal 25 kg

Product Code: ZHFFCMI25

Contains dried coconut flesh after oil extraction. Features Crude Protein 22% Fat 8% min High...



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