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AHD Aloe Vera Gel 500g

Product Code: HWDAVAM

NZ biggest selling Aloe vera formulation, applied to areas of bruising to aid in blood circulation. ...


AHD Emu Oil Rub 500gm

Product Code: HWDEOAM

Best used as a general purpose cream on bumps and bruises, contains seaweed extract that has a germi...


AHD Zinc Ointment BP 500g

Product Code: HWDZCC.45

Treats slight abrasions and minor wounds. Prevents sunburn in all species.


Animology Clean Sheets Large

Product Code: PGPCWAL

Animology Clean Sheets Each sheet is a high performance, extra large, super tough, dual sided pet...


Animology Fox Poo

Product Code: PGPSFAS

Fox Poo is an award winning deep cleaning dog shampoo which effectively removes stubborn fox poo and...


Animology True Colours

Product Code: PGPSTAS

True Colours is a specially formulated colour enhancing dog shampoo with built-in optical enhancers ...


Bayer Ketol Electrolytes 2L

Product Code: FFSEKBS

A110 Unrestricted Active Constituents: Monopropylene glycol 828.8g/L, mixed mineral glycerophosp...


Bayer Maggo 1lt

Product Code: FSFMOBS

Active Constituents: Propetamphos 16g/L, paradichlorobenzene 400g/L and hydrocarbon liquids 510g/L ...


Betavet Betadrench 200ml

Product Code: FVEWBBS

BetaVet’s BetaDrench Formula One is a medicinal herbal drench scientifically formulated and te...


Biosupport Probiotic 1kg

Product Code: FFSDBAS

Biosupport™ is a potent probiotic for young animal stock with impressive levels of Bifidobacte...


Botanica Small Animal Care Cream 125ml

Product Code: HWDSABL

Botanica’s Small Animal Care Cream was designed with severe cases in mind; it has six mai...


Cai Pan Udder Cream 400ml

Product Code: FWDCUST

Part of the wave of organic and natural remedies interesting the world of late is the oil derived fr...



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