Food - Large Animal

Jumpstart Colostrum 600g

Product Code: PFLMJAS

NRM Peck n Lay

Product Code: PFBPLN

NRM Peck ‘n’ Lay is a balanced feed specifically formulated to meet the nutritional need...

$15.90 - $27.40


Product Code: PFSDPB

Ingredients: Dosage: Instructions: ......

$18.00 - $35.00


Product Code: HFCWWK
$20.90 - $29.40

Ringrose Super Lay Pellets 25 kg

Product Code: PFBSLR25

Feed for laying hens Feed Analysis: Min Protein 17.5%; Max Fat 5%; Max Fibre 4%; Max Salt 0.4%


NRM Multifeed Nuts 20 kg

Product Code: PFGMNN25

NRM Multifeed will provide improved condition and productivity in ruminant livestock where nutrie...


Ringrose Multifeed Nuts 25 kg

Product Code: PFGMNR40

Multi Nut General purpose feed for Goats, Sheep, and other animals, High Energy Feed Analysis: 1...


Anlamb Lamb Milk Replacer

Product Code: PFLMPD

anLamb™ milk replacer is a specialised milk powder sourced wholly from cow's milk in Ne...

$69.30 - $144.90

NRM Big Pig Nuts 20 kg

Product Code: PFPTPN

A balanced feed for slow growing or mature pigs For growing pigs from 65kg or dry sows and boars....


Camtech Rabbit Pellets

Product Code: PFRPEC

For delivery within Auckland local (non RD) area please purchase 1x pbt gre...

$18.60 - $42.20

Kumeu Grain Hi Pro Mix

Product Code: ZHFGHPK

Ingredients: Maple peas White peas Prussian Peas Crushed Maize Oats Crushed Barley Sunflower Seed...

$31.40 - $75.70


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