Effax Kids Leather Magic 300ml

Product Code: TTPCMEM

Leather cleaning and leather care is combined in this easy to use 300ml spray bottle. Leather-Mag...


Effol BronchoCare Breathing Balm 150 ml

Product Code: HVERBES

Effol Fly Blocker with Herbs

Product Code: HSFFHE

The well-proven Insect Repellent Spray – now with a new fragrance  -   protects imm...


Effol Fly Repellant Roll On 50ml

Product Code: HSFFRE

Mobile fly protection to take with you out riding, and which also protects riders against troublesom...


Effol Friends Bag

Product Code: CABBF

Horse Show Rucksack with Lots of Lovely Details The Effol Friends-Bag combines many innovati...


Effol Friends Carrot Sticks 1kg

Product Code: HFTFCEM

Effol Hoof Tar 125 ml

Product Code: THDTSES

Perfect protection in spray-on form Ideal basic care to protect the healthy hoof effectively agai...


Effol Kids Star Shine Mane/Tail Spray 300ml

Product Code: TGPTKE

Effol Kids Star Shine conjures up a magnificent twinkling effect in the mane and tail. Thousands of ...


Effol Kids Super Clean 300ml

Product Code: TGPSKEM

Effol Kids Super-Clean is a shampoo with the special scent of raspberry and which not only cleans, i...


Effol Knabber Sticks

Product Code: HKTKSE

Natural reward for good friends Good friends deserve a reward. At best one that they not only fin...


Effol Star Hoof Shine 350ml

Product Code: THDSHENS

Fantastic care. Brilliant appearance. Effol Kids Star-Hoof-Shine is a special hoof-care product, whi...


Hey Sport Membrane Textile Wash

Product Code: RACWNS

HEY Sport Textile Wash is the indispensable detergent for functional clothing such as Goretex®, ...



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