Product Code: ZHFGCCC25

An extremely economical, pelleted cool feed, formulated for recreational riding, competition, condit...


Coprice HIGH JOULE/ Definition 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFCHDC20

Ideal for performance, endurance, showing, sales preparation and weight gain in horses Conditioning...


Coprice PERFORMER 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFPPFC20

A nutrient dense feed formulated to provide sustained energy for horses in moderate to heavy exercis...


Coprice VERSATILE 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFGA1C22

Cool feed • Low GI • Stronger hooves An extremely cool feed formulated for recreation...


Coprice VETERAN 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFMVEC22

• Weight gain • Low GI A cool feed formulated to meet the specific ......


Coprice Adult FAMILY Dog 20 kg

Product Code: PFDFDC20

CopRice Family Dog Food is suitable for all breeds of dogs.  It is formulated using the high...


Coprice SENIOR Working Dog 20 kg

Product Code: PFDLMC20

*WAS Coprice Light & Mature* CopRice Working Dog Senior dog food is a lower energy complete f...


Coprice PUPPY Working Dog 15 kg

Product Code: PFDPUC12

CopRice Puppy Food is scientifically formulated with all natural ingredients to sup......


Coprice WORKING Dog Adult Beef 20 kg

Product Code: PFDWDC20

CopRice Working Dog Food is ideal for all types of dogs involved in high levels of ...


Coprice RICE BRAN Pellets 20 kg

Product Code: ZHFPRBC

CopRice Rice Bran • Low starch • Weight gain • Cool feed A cool, economical, pell...



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