Coats & General Health


Product Code: HFSDBA

Bio-Mos® plays a critical role in animal nutrition and production. A unique product derived...


Black Magic - Broad 2kg Equine Royale

Product Code: HFSGBEM

BlACK MAGIC Broad is a natural foundation supplement for healthy resistance and overall go...


Brookby Herbs Natural Hoof And Coat Conditioner

Product Code: HFSCNB

Most horse skin conditions are treated externally to the skin while ignoring the internal state of h...


Brookby Herbs Sneeze Free

Product Code: HFSBSB

Horses with allergies and hayfever can find relief with herbal remedies   Horses with a...


Che garl Liquide 5 lt

Product Code: HFSVCB5L

Cortaflex Turmeric Xtra 3kg Powder

Product Code: HFSTJCM

TURMERIC POWDER Turmeric + linseed meal + Vitamin E + Calcium Equine America Turmeric is widel...


Cortaflex ULS Gard 1L

Product Code: HFSDUCS

Dunstan Trifecta Oil

Product Code: HFSOTD

Trifecta Oil For YEARLING PREP and HORSES IN WORK. A 3 way blend of high qualit...

$77.20 - $158.00

Duwell Happy Tumm

Product Code: HFSDHD
$39.90 - $136.90


Product Code: HFSDDE
$47.90 - $267.50

Dynavyte Farm MBS 1ltr

Product Code: FFSDMDS

Eco - Balancer

Product Code: HFSDBE

Unique earth based nutrition supplement providing nutrients that are utilized by horses to resolve g...



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