4in E Butt Solid SS

Product Code: BBIEJS10

4inch thick stainless steel eggbutt snaffle.


5in HM LR Copper Slim Mouth 65 cm Rngs

Product Code: BBIHLJCSM

Copper insert for increased salivation with a slimmer mouth thickness (16mm)


Acavallo Hackamore Bit Mount Blk

Product Code: BBIHMABK

Please note, this is only available in black. Leather mount, side pieces sold separately.


Acavallo Sensitive Bit Blk One Size

Product Code: BBIDSAL

Horses love this new Acavallo bit for a wide variety of reasons: – It is made of an innovat...


Blue Tag Rubber Anti Rearing Bit SS 12.5cm

Product Code: BBIARBM

Gold medal bits are made of high tensile strength alloy metal. The over 90% copper content makes the...


Doctor Bristol Bit 5 in

Product Code: BBIEDB12.5

The Doctor Bristol bit has a plate that lies at an angle and gives a stronger action. Atainless stee...


Driving Bit Liverpool Mullen Zilco 4.5 in

Product Code: BBIDLM11.5

Zilco Liverpool Mullen Mouth The liverpool is a very popular bit for carriage driving. It offers ...


Flower Hackamore Zilco

Product Code: BBIHSLCN

Hackamores act via pressure points on the face, nose and chin. The unique cheek design of this model...


Full Cheek Waterford Snaffle

Product Code: BBIELW

This Waterford Full Cheek Snaffle prevents the horse from locking onto and leaning on ...


Hackamore SS Blk PVC Nose Zilco

Product Code: BBIHSZB

Hackamore Stainless Steel with PVC Nose


Happy Mouth - Flat Ring Jointed Eggbutt

Product Code: BBIHEJF

Absolutely the very best for young or tender mouthed horses. Works wonders on developed horses. ...


Happy Mouth Dr Bristol Hanging Cheek

Product Code: BBIHHB

Combines the additional control of the Dr Bristol mouth piece with the leverage of the hanging cheek...



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