Schleich Equipment

Schleich - Dog Kennel

Product Code: GMZPKS

The Australian Shepherd is a very sporty, energetic dog. It loves being outside and herding sheep. T...


Schleich - Dragon Knight King on Horse

Product Code: GMZDHSK

Schleich - Pick Up w Float

Product Code: GMZVFS

Because she loves it so much, Betty the groom gives her Friesian mare Bella another good brush. T...


Schleich Farm Life - Babies Set 2

Product Code: GMFB2S

Showjumping Tournament Playset

Product Code: GMSTSS

Schleich Farm Set - Feeding on the Farm

Product Code: GMFSFS

Schleich Set - Childrens Zoo

Product Code: GMFSZS

Schleich Horse Care Set - Andalusian

Product Code: GMHACS

Schleich - Barrel Racing with Cowgirl

Product Code: GMPBCS


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